Thursday, August 7, 2008

The mobile geo-blogger, for iPhone

You might have seen a previous post on this blog, describing a work-flow, how to let Google maps show your photos and the pace they were taken. It is fun to have such a "geo-blog", it lets your readers follow your movements along with photos, all posted by You on the go.
That was just a few initial setup steps, while posting itself is practically not more than sending an email with a photo attached. In the message body you needed to either specify a place name like "Murau, Austria", or put down the exact coordinates using the geo microformat, eg: geo:lat=47.123 geo:lon=19.123. This is an universal method, you can use it from almost all cellphones able to handle emails.
Fortunately, there are some new deviced capable to geocode the pictures you take. This means that each picture gets and EXIF attribute containing the exact coordinates determined by the device. With such gadgets You needn't specify the location anymore, your picture already contains it. Just do not forget to attach the photo to your mail :)
Now, let's see how to set up such a geo-blog.
First, subscribe for a Flickr account at In your profile, enable the server import location info from the EXIF attribute of the photos. Also here, check out the email address that receives photos and puts them in your gallery.
And it is almost done! Send a test image to your gallery via email, and visit it on the web. Copy the geofeed URL, and use it as a search criteria in Google maps. Take the URL of the search results of Google maps: this is the link to your geo-blog!
Have fun, happy geo-blogging!
Ps.: in case of iPhone 3G, there is a known issue that the mail app cuts off the EXIF from the pics. Until it gets fixed, use indeed

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