Thursday, June 28, 2007

Piz Bernina webcam and weather

The Alpine Weather and Webcam page has just been completed with Piz Bernina, the highest peak of the East Alps.

Don't miss to check it before leaving :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A:L:P - the summit log update

The A:L:P summit log (the diary of our climbing and infobase of the mountains we have been to) has just gone through a general upgrade. From now, each place has a topographical map overlay, a GPS-tracklog, some POIs (mostly the peaks and the bivouac places), a photo gallery (except for the oldest ones) and hints in a few words.
Currently far the following peaks and routes are included:
  • Kreuzspitze, Saykogel, Similaun, Wildes Mannle, Wildspitze (Tirol, Austria)
  • Dufourspitze (Monte Rosa, Switzerland)
  • Mont Blanc, the 3-Mont-Blanc route
  • Piz Popena (Cristallo-group, Italy)
  • Dent du Géant (Mont Blanc)
  • Grossglockner, South normal route (Austria)
  • Schneeberg, Gamsgartlgrat route (Rax, Austria)

Check out the new layout and contents at My Places.

Pls. note that the cycling section has been temporarily removed; it is under construction, and going to get a separate room soon

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cycling routes near Budapest, Hungary

Looking for a cycling route near Budapest? Have a look at my favourites! Follow the link "Cycling" at My Places. All these itineraries refer to roads with fine surface, suitable for road race cyclists. The Isaszeg round is an easy one with moderate traffic. Dobogokő is the village that has the highest location in Hungary. The route there follows a public road with a long but not that steep elevation. The Pilis transverse is something extraordinary; it leads mostly on forest roads of very good quality but with low to zero traffic. It is easy to loose direction, don't forget your GPS...