Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Map mashups on iPhone

Ever wished a GPS solution that handles dynamic and/or user-created contents, too? Apparently, iPhone is the gear. Yahoo has just published the new interface of Pipes, the xml manipulator optimized for iPhone. Y! Pipes is designed to organize xml sources (like news feeds, kml files, etc). Once the xml includes geographic info, You can switch to the Map application on iPhone to show and handle data as placemarks. The most appealing opportunity of this new feature - to me - is the ability to reach dynamic and/or user created contents to navigate to or from. Want to see the location of Your Google Calendar items on the map on your iPhone? Just put the RSS feed of your calendar into a Y! Pipe. Do you have your holiday plans in a kml file? Drop it into a pipe and go!
Hopfully the iPhone soon gets GPS support...