Monday, April 9, 2007

Back from Schneeberg

Have a look at the new pics here!
We had a very good time - as usual, when the weather lets us do so. In 2-3 days I am going to post some excursion routes to My Places, as well as the complete track log of the Gamsgartlgrat from the parking place to the top and back to the bivaqplace. Following one of these two routes You can either have a whole day walk or an exciting high-alpine climbing on my favourite mountain, Schneeberg. For those of you not keen on bivaqing, my tip is the EdelweiƟ Hut (see the previous post of this blog, too). The stuff is very nice, just like the prices. Three of us stayed there one night in a four-bed-room, and we payed 85€ including the dinner, some beer and the breakfast, too. I'll leave a placemark on the tracklog showing both the bivaqplace and the hut

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